Tuesday, July 22, 2014


i have been playing here and there with some more traditional, "old-school," slip techniques.
here are a few recent adventures in marbling….

with dragonflies and slip trailing

with jellyfish

this one with ferns. learning how some stencils or colour combos don't work so well together….or maybe it is just "subtle"

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Clay Connects

every year the South Vancouver Island Potters Guild puts on a show & sale. It's happening this Saturday and it's going to be sunny (great because my set-up is outside)! come on down, there will be lots of great work to be seen and taken home…

Friday, May 30, 2014

photo shoot

here's some images from a recent photo shoot…really should take a photo of my set-up. i always enjoy seeing how folks set up their photo boxes etc…. mine's made of pvc, duct tape and sheets of opaque corplast, with photo paper back drop. i made it so it can be easily disassembled, stack flat, and it's cheap! i do have a little nylon pop out photo box for quick shots too. i don't have anywhere to leave a photo box set-up, so i don't end up taking photos as often as i would like or should.

i must say, one of things i find challenging about taking pictures of my pots is they tend to look different all the way around, or front/back. so with a little help from my fabulous father, Francis Sullivan, a few of these show two views

Saturday, May 24, 2014

a touch of whimsy

just a few playful pieces… these quick snaps are a little blurry, something's up with my camera, but you get the idea…

Friday, March 21, 2014

fresh from the kiln

some more new work, including the finished cloud bowls. quite pleased with them. is confirming, however, that i need to set up a spray booth somewhere in the studio, or something portable to use outside. not only is it good for large pieces, deep pieces, but also gives nice even coverage of the raised slip trailing lines (which when dipping, i usually go back over with a glaze dipped brush).

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

new works

while i really should be making mugs, mugs, and more mugs…i have been trying to squeeze in some play time, new stencil images (caribou, foxes, different bikes), some challenges and problem solving, and just some silly decorating.

caribou with a half overdone slip trailed & finger trailed decoration

new cloud bowls

some double dipped mugs

am really enjoying the cloud bowls…. other pieces feeling a bit girly somehow, probably the colour scheme. will think about some darker contrasts, maybe even good old black and white!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

black and white

here's a quickie of something i made at work. i don't usually work with white clay, and rarely in my studio as everything is stained stained stained red. and i don't get much chance to work on things at work either, although i feel it's professional development to once and awhile experiment or build on techniques.
so a litte vase i threw on the wheel standing up (i have on wheel raised on cinder blocks for everyone to try. i haven't spent enough time on it yet to determine whether it's better ergonomically or not). black slip and sgraffitto. nica and simple. i quite like it.