Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Upcoming show!

come and say hello and check out my newest work!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

spring handles

it had thought to pass over the whole "look at all the blossoms we have here" spring thing that happens here on the west coast…knowing friends and relations east of here are thigh deep in snow…
but, well, one blossom shot can't hurt. here's my little studio gallery with the plum tree in bloom (last week!)

and i have been contemplating handles and how one holds things and how many fingers and balance of mugs and such things for the past few months…finally sprung into action to play with a couple of handles:

handle # 1, i call the medium handle. can still get you whole hand in there, but doesn't take up quite so much of the mug:

handle # 2, i call the two finger handle, as you can get a couple of fingers in there:

the mug on the far left (navy blue) is the current handle for my regular mugs. it fits the whole hand with room to spare. large handed people like it… but i find it takes up a lot of mug and have never been completely happy with it's profile…

i am leaning towards handle #1. i like being able to still get all fingers in there and i like its profile and balance… while my current handle is pulled off the side of the mug, this new handle is pulled separately and attached leather hard.

well maybe i will make mugs with both the current and the new handles!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Art Show

if you are in Victoria come and check this art show at the Gage Gallery in Oak Bay. It's a photo show, and i have a couple of ceramic pieces (seen in process a few posts ago) in it : sgraffito platters based on my dad's photos:

Sunday, February 8, 2015

playing with sgraffito

while i have been working on the large sgraffito platters from my dad's photos, i also took the down-time opportunity to work on figuring out dimensions for a pasta bowl. something wider and deeper than my regular bowls…so used some of the white clay (CKK6) and used them as sgraffito "warm-ups" for the photo pieces…

here's a couple of the bowls:



i enjoyed these. they were just fun, no pressure….

Monday, January 26, 2015

new stencil

working on a new set of stencils: bears!
here's a couple of process shots, testing, and adjusting. subtle adjustments, but they make a difference…

i try to keep the stencils for my regular wares pretty simple… so think i will leave them with just these highlight lines added for the time being. partly as they are slow to cut (even though this winter i have been blessed with a studio assistant who cuts lovely stencils for me!), and though they are reusable they do eventually wear/tear…

Thursday, January 22, 2015

adventures in sgraffito

well, as much as i should be making mugs to restock after a fabulous xmas season… i am working on some large platters in WHITE!! clay. my dad asked if i would like to put some pieces into a photo show he is having at the gage gallery in february…so i said why not? and then i said what am i thinking? my work doesn't really mesh with his… and so after much pondering i thought to try some sgraffito pieces based on his photos. and so that's what i have ben working on and here are some process shots

this one is in process...

this one is finsihed and bone dry, ready for the bisque

this one is my finished test piece. you can see i was testing some colour on the bottom with a wash. still pondering whether to finish with colour on all pieces, or keep black and white, or some of each.....

Monday, December 8, 2014

west coast winter

just rainy, west coast wintery thoughts….