Monday, September 20, 2010

Upcoming show, new work

If you happen to be in Nanaimo, or know anyone thereabouts, please drop-in on this show, should be some great work!

Stencil Madness X 4
4 artists, 2 stencils let's see what happens...

Tanya Streeter-Wilson - textiles
Grant Leier - paintings
Katherine Moore - glass
Faro Sullivan (Dirty Girl Clayworks) - ceramics

Join us Saturday September 25 4:30 to 7:30 for a little party. If you can't make it then the show will run for three more weeks -unless the work is all bought up! In addition to the lotus and bird stencils that all four artists are using there will be more of our work depicting our favourite stencilled imagery such as dragonflies, crows, swallows, hummingbirds, herons, trees, bikes, bunnies and more.

Artzi Stuff
309 B Wesley Street
Old City Quarter
Nanaimo BC
Join the Artzi Stuff Facebook page.!/pages/Nanaimo-BC/Artzi-Stuff


as part of the show i have been working on some new ideas using trays for cup sets. here is the four lotus tumbler set with tray that i made (excuse the very average photographs done on the floor and in front of my studio door, quickly as N was napping, but you get the idea). I also made a couple of tea for two sets, but they are still cooling in the kiln. these pieces have ben really fun to make. think i will keep making time when time allows, like after the xmas rush. am just skipping along to keep up with things these days. yikes! i have enjoyed making more of the framed platters as well & am pondering the effect of pairing the textures with the stenciled imagery. see how far that can be pushed. and am dreaming up some more intricate stencils (am drooling over a book of japanese stencil designs...).

oh yeah. also wanted to mention that i will have a virtual table during october on poppytalk handmade (with new work!) and a sponsor spot from october-december on maya*made
exciting stuff! and will post when it's all up and running.