Monday, April 16, 2012

on the way to make it

unloaded and loaded the final pots for the Make It Vancouver show this morning...will be heading over on the ferry friday morning with the whole family in tow. Come on down, it sounds like it's going to be fun. Unfortunately i will be missing out on earth day celebrations. but N & A are going to check out the parade down commercial drive.
i've made some new cake plates, inspired from one i saw in seattle during nceca. i've also got a few new stencils - raven flying, raven looking back, primroses, and some new moths. looking forward to summer assistants cutting stencils for me this summer!

"eat delight" cake plate, side view

view from the top

hummingbird cake plate

view from the top

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


well, like thousands of other folks who work with clay, i've just returned from NCECA - a yearly ceramics conference in the USA, which was in Seattle this year! so nice and close....and my first time away from my daughter, so a big deal for lots of reasons.
also got to hang out with old potter friends Isabella St. John of Blue Moon Pottery, and Linda & David of Kings Point Pottery, and get to know Alexis Templeton. All live in Newfoundland and so it it a rare occasion to get to visit, and eat, and drink together.
my feet are work out, and my mind stuffed with enough things to ponder for the next year, and a few studio tidbits i will put into practice (like attachment slip in a squeeze bottle...i do plenty of slip trailing, but never occurred to me to use a bottle for slip when attaching handles and various pieces! got some old ketchup bottles that ought to do the trick)
i also managed to knit a new hat for N while on the clipper ferry (there and back) - my first hat without a pattern. quite please with it.
so i took many many photos until i had seen so much i couldn't even take photos! here are some of my favourites excuse the very snapshot nature of these shots, i am in no way a professional photographer!):

Tip Toland

Sue Tirrell

Shoku Teruyama

Kathy King (front and back)

Beth Cavner-Stitchter

Aymui Horie

Adrian Arleo

Adrian Arleo