Monday, October 11, 2010

studio tour

well everyone likes to have a little peek around in someone's studio, that's why studio tours are so much fun! so here's a little look inside & out of the studio space i spend so much time in....

this is the front of the quanset hut that the studio is built into. my sweetie's studio is also in there, as well as large open workspace and storage above. and home to a few mice and haven for evilina, our resident feral cat...

here is some of the inside space, with my studio door.

it's not very large or very glamorus, my well used studio. home built with shipping pallets, and scavenged serves the purpose, but i do dream of a more spacious, insulated, airy light space....
this is looking staright ahead from the door.

and this is looking to the left. and that's it! (remember how i said it's not very big? about 10 x 15 ft)

work in progress....

here's a quick look inside my sweetie's studio/jam space, where he was painting with our wee one. and she was jumping on bubble wrap, giggling.

this is another angle of the inside space as you are walking out.

here is the sign just outside the gallery garden, a sweetly welded piece from a woman in parksville. i traded her some bowls. great deal!

my sorely neglected gallery garden. the pathway is quickly being overcome by wild strawberries and plantain. seems when i have time to garden it's usually frantic digging/planting/weeding/watering/harvesting in the veggie garden. really must give this space some more love.

here's the little gallery space. this little building was my dad's darkroom for years, and housed in the quanset hut, where my studio is now. some friends helped PUSH it outside (it was on caster wheels) and get it onto the skids i built outside. then we (a and myself) slapped a roof on it & punched in a window & voila.

and here's a view in the gallery.

and lastly the building that houses my artistic benefactors, my parents. without the cheap rent they grant me (not to mention childcare, cookies, cups of tea, and watering the garden) i would be making pinch pots on a corner somewhere. yes, the house is round, made of metal, & it turns!

thanks for taking a look & feel welcome to come by the real studio!