Friday, October 25, 2013

new and upcoming

it's been awhile since i participated in any kind of winter seasonal craft show. this year i'm stepping up and out at Craft Cartel. bands, beer, food, and lots of greta local handmade. the first bunch of folks through the door get a swag bag & here's the ornaments i made for said bags....if you come & come early you might find one of these rare items in your possession (made os paper clay, light & strong!):

here is a quick shot of a new favourite. have really been slip trailing alot lately and loving it, although it is more work for glazing. and so playing with hand writing...

and here a cake platter i made after that class at MISSA. so slightly wavy lines of the bottom rim of the platter. i am quite happy with it, except a little cloudiness in the glazing. i hope to make more of these, soon. the clouds are another current favourite image floating through my work.