Friday, October 3, 2014

going round

I have been really getting into making plates.
it's not that i don't make plates, i just don't usually make that many.
for years i have made small platters that are square, rectangular, and oval using hump moods. i like them, i like hand building and i think they are very sweet. but, i think, because of their shape, often people wonder what they are for. in my mind they are for serving food, but of course what something is used for is up to the user, and i know many of them are serving as soap dishes…
in any case is have started making more plates on the wheel.
regular, round plates.
and then sets of plates.
dinner plate, side plate.
and then large platters with deep feet and holes for hanging on the wall. i had the idea to do a show of large commemorative bicycle platters. maybe that will come to pass, maybe not, but i am hooked on the round plates and platters these days.
and no one asks me what they are for…
here are some snapshots: