Friday, May 18, 2012

from a different perspective

My daughter has been very interested in taking photos lately, and when our backs are turned, is a prolific image maker!
it gives one something to ponder when reviewing the pictures of a 4 year old. all those close-ups of things in the garden you'd never notice...and a lot of bum shots of mom while weeding....
during the studio tour, she wandered around with the camera for awhile, and here is some of what she came up with:

And most importantly some photos or her own work, in progress, drying on the studio shelves...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

post-studio tour

another studio tour come and was the best weather we've ever had. just stunning, really. the Saanich News ran a decent article about me and the studio to help promote the tour. got quite a number of people who came out because they saw the article! and the photo was good! nice bunch of people came out.

did a little knitting in the rocking chair in between, pulled a few handles on mugs, painted rocks with my daughter...ate a few too many cookies (way,t can you have too many cookies?)

brought home the cup below with the acorn on it (one of Mariko's).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Studio Tour

This weekend is our annual Saanich West Studio Tour, and the sun is far!
I will be joined at my studio by the lovely Paige Coull of Blackbird Studios and the vivacious Mariko McRae of Feedlot Studios.

 There will be cookies.

 There will be fabulous pots.

 There will be a scenic country drive.

 You can find a map & PDF of the brochure at gobc, or pick one up when you drop by.

 Come and join us!