Sunday, November 10, 2013

black and white

here's a quickie of something i made at work. i don't usually work with white clay, and rarely in my studio as everything is stained stained stained red. and i don't get much chance to work on things at work either, although i feel it's professional development to once and awhile experiment or build on techniques.
so a litte vase i threw on the wheel standing up (i have on wheel raised on cinder blocks for everyone to try. i haven't spent enough time on it yet to determine whether it's better ergonomically or not). black slip and sgraffitto. nica and simple. i quite like it.

Friday, October 25, 2013

new and upcoming

it's been awhile since i participated in any kind of winter seasonal craft show. this year i'm stepping up and out at Craft Cartel. bands, beer, food, and lots of greta local handmade. the first bunch of folks through the door get a swag bag & here's the ornaments i made for said bags....if you come & come early you might find one of these rare items in your possession (made os paper clay, light & strong!):

here is a quick shot of a new favourite. have really been slip trailing alot lately and loving it, although it is more work for glazing. and so playing with hand writing...

and here a cake platter i made after that class at MISSA. so slightly wavy lines of the bottom rim of the platter. i am quite happy with it, except a little cloudiness in the glazing. i hope to make more of these, soon. the clouds are another current favourite image floating through my work.

Friday, July 12, 2013

a little playtime

i was lucky enough to spend all of last week at the Metchosin International Summer School for the Arts, I took a one day class with Samantha Dickie, on making paper-plaster molds, and a 5 day class with Deborah Schwartzkopf experimenting with combining handbuilt pieces and thrown pieces.

The mold class was great because what i really needed was some time just making holds! this is really going to let me help students at Camosun better when they want to make molds... and i the paper adde to the outside layer plaster is a positive step forward for mold making - lighter & stronger!

Deb's class was challenging in a fun way. While i handbuild & throw in my studio, i rarely combine them; those kids of combinations don't come naturally - obvious from my level of frustration some days! i took the class really, to just find some ways to subtly alter a few of my forms and/or find ways to make some things i've been meaning to make but haven't quite envisioned yet. so i came away form the class with a few pots that i made, a long list of things to make & try, and less fear of cutting things up! today, after throwing mugs for a few hours, i even managed to make a little new something...we'll see how is comes out in the end.

of course another great thing about these classes is hanging out with other folks interested in the same things and all the chatter that goes on while everyone is working. met some great folks!

i did have my camera with me all week....but kept forgetting to take photos! i was on a pretty tight schedule & did feel more like working than photoing...i had to leave right on time each day in order to pick up N from the various friends and grandparents she was hanging out with everyday.

so these are few photos i took of a couple things that were made. perhaps they will reappear in later posts as finished, fired pieces ( i did make them with a clay that i could high-fire in the gas kiln).

i just unloaded the kiln to see i lost the bottom on the vase...wah.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Clay Connects

I will be making a rare appearance outside the studio this weekend. Come find myself & many other talented potters from the South Vancouver Island Potters Guild at Clay Connects....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

when things don't quite work

of course it happens, and yes usually when working with a when the kiln breaks down two days before an upcoming show...or the slip was too thin and a whole kiln load looks washed out...
i was making some pieces for the "Musically Inclined" show at Artzi Stuff and it took me awhile to figure out what i wanted to make. so i lost some time and yes finished them within a week of the deadline (which means not enough time to make something else)...i made record plates. perhaps not the most original idea? although i haven't seen any kicking any case i was happy with them & the process. ACDC Back in Black, the Police Synchronicity, and the BEst of Fats Waller...

as you can see they came out brown instead of black! ack! and while i know that there is coloured vinyl out there, we have some in our collection, but not quite what i was going for .....but good enough to ship off. i really have to tweak that "black" slip! and if you need to have an ACDC plate...the show opens April 13, 7:30-9:30 in Nanaimo. check out the website for directions.

on a more positive note, i have a new gallery here in victoria! Side Street Studio is now carrying a selection of work. check it out if you can!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

spring is in the air

finally back in the studio after short hiatus from my very wintery (meaning cold, damp and dungeon-like) studio...
a few new things in the air...more sgraffito, some loose swirling trailed lines here & there....
also have some new stencils in the works! and they are looking good...will post as soon as the tests come out, but for now, a few quick snaps from the first kiln load of the year...