Thursday, August 16, 2012

post festival post

well the summer has somehow zoomed away, between moving, settling, teaching, summer fun, studio work, and folkwest! and bless this weather, but it is hot! the garden groans exponentially overnight!

I have added a few galleries over the past few months - Blue Moon Pottery, St John's Newfoundland; the Upstart Crow, in Ladner BC; and the Salish Sea Gallery in Cowichan Bay

the second annual folkwest music festival has come and gone. being on the board and in charge the family area kept me plenty busy for weeks (months) before. but it was great and i had a great crew of volunteers again this year - lucky me! so what follows here is not pictures of pots, but of the very fabulous cardboard fort zone in the kids area. there is something about cardboard boxes, big and little, that are magic. it was a hit! so here are a few photos from the first morning of the festival. believe me, it looked quite different on sunday afternoon - after a sunday morning revamp/renonvation/repair, and all the incredible painting that kids did over the weekend....