Friday, March 4, 2016

getting down to it

okay, so it's not really winter anymore...spring around the corner, daffodils in full bloom, blossoms snowing down in the wind, the peas and broad beans peeking up...
so its time wake up from my mentlal hibernation and get down to it, making of a more productive sort, or a more regular routine. this week was mugs, egg cups, juice cups, tumblers, and platters!
here's shots from the afternoon...

BEFORE (platters off the hump molds, with rims finished):

DURING (stencils chosen and placed around, not yet attached):

AFTER (slip poured over stencils, then slip trailing, sgraffito, text, etc...and stencils pulled off)

hoping to load the platters and everything else in the kiln tomorrow!