Tuesday, May 16, 2017

what i have been working on

well the past couple of months i HAVEN'T BEEN MAKING MUGS! or any of my regular tableware for that matter.
and i haven't missed it. i really needed to try something new, and my upcoming show has given me the opportunity to make new work and show it.
the theme is "city" which has been really challenging for me as i don't consider myself a city person, even though we (reluctantly) moved to the city last year! so after living on the outskirts of town for many years, i have found myself in town and thinking about all the different aspects of city life and how to illustrate it, tell a story about it, make it into pots....

I ended up with (mostly) tall storage jars and vases and lots of drawing and lots of liquid latex and lots of hours put into single pieces...quite a step away from the studio production mode i am usually in!

here are a couple of before and after shots of some pieces:

i had in mind factories and smokestacks. it's meant to be a tulipiere, so image a tulip in each smokestack....

crows, crows, crows and nowhere to park....

and a little "chihuahua in a rainjacket" bud vase for good measure. very westcoast city chic.

if you want to see more (think graffiti, tent cities, and bc place circa 1984 casserole dish...) come on down to the show! I am sharing the show and space with a talented Vancouver potter, Nevena Tadic

Cityscape runs June 1-June 25
opening reception 5-7, June 1 (I will be there!)
at Gallery of BC Ceramics
1359 Cartwright Street
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC, Canada