Monday, July 19, 2010

fresh from the kiln

well it's always exciting to be experimenting with new ideas, trying to push the regular work a little further.
these are a couple of pieces i made the week after my workshop at MISSA (did I mention how great MISSA is? check it out!)
it looks a little rough, but will sort itself out with a few more attempts. definitely will be adding more colour! enjoying the paperclay i bought for course, although i find it a little tough to rewedge when it's not super fresh & of course would like it a darker brown. so will try out making some of my own using my lovely chocolatey clay body.
so these are after thinking of picture frames & ways to make texture. did these two "frames" with wheels of one tricycle & one kids bike.
let me know what you think!


  1. Hey Faro
    sweet blog! I'll try to bookmark it (now that we have high-speed internet- woohoo!)and visit you occasionally... love the tricycle!

  2. Beautiful. Dear friends of mind gave my husband and me one of your bowls after a trip to Vancouver. And now I have dear friends who are getting married on Sept. 9 and I'd like to create a special gift for them. I believe you do special orders. I always think of these friends when I hear the Indigo Girl song "Power of Two," and my friend and I are huge Indigo Girls fans. I'm not sure exactly what I want but am picturing something with "power of two" written on it.

    Is this possible? Any creative thoughts?

    Thanks so much for the beautiful art you create.
    Dawn McMullan
    Dallas, Texas

  3. Hello Faro, i was just at this years 'Souper Bowls of Hope'. It was my first year going, and i enjoyed it so much. I have your 'blessed' bowl. I love it, and it will find a special place in my new home.
    Thank you for it.
    i truly am blessed.