Sunday, February 13, 2011

spare time?

well yes time for other things does exist! as i have reminded myself this past month or so, on hiatus from my chilly, damp studio...
finally finished the quilt i started for N's birthday (which was in, well, november...). i like to quilt, or i like the idea of quilting, but don't do it often. was fraught with sewing machine woes, the snapping of many needles, and the extra time it takes to try and make it work with what material is at hand rather than head to fabricland for that final 2 metres... many old pajamas and shirts and scrip scraps went into this quilt... really freed up some storage space!
here's the finished product! snuggly! and really cozies up N's room.


  1. Hello there, nice to meet you through your blog. I wanted to say hi and tell you that I really like your work. I too am a functional potter on Vancouver Island and it is nice to see that there are others of us. Your bicycles are wonderful and the stencil work is very precise and clean looking. I will try to stop by your studio when I come down the island next time. hilary

  2. Wow- I did not know that you had made a quilt! Good work..takes a lot of patience, eh? I love the idea of using familiar fabric scraps woven together in a re-birth.