Tuesday, April 3, 2012


well, like thousands of other folks who work with clay, i've just returned from NCECA - a yearly ceramics conference in the USA, which was in Seattle this year! so nice and close....and my first time away from my daughter, so a big deal for lots of reasons.
also got to hang out with old potter friends Isabella St. John of Blue Moon Pottery, and Linda & David of Kings Point Pottery, and get to know Alexis Templeton. All live in Newfoundland and so it it a rare occasion to get to visit, and eat, and drink together.
my feet are work out, and my mind stuffed with enough things to ponder for the next year, and a few studio tidbits i will put into practice (like attachment slip in a squeeze bottle...i do plenty of slip trailing, but never occurred to me to use a bottle for slip when attaching handles and various pieces! got some old ketchup bottles that ought to do the trick)
i also managed to knit a new hat for N while on the clipper ferry (there and back) - my first hat without a pattern. quite please with it.
so i took many many photos until i had seen so much i couldn't even take photos! here are some of my favourites excuse the very snapshot nature of these shots, i am in no way a professional photographer!):

Tip Toland

Sue Tirrell

Shoku Teruyama

Kathy King (front and back)

Beth Cavner-Stitchter

Aymui Horie

Adrian Arleo

Adrian Arleo

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