Thursday, January 22, 2015

adventures in sgraffito

well, as much as i should be making mugs to restock after a fabulous xmas season… i am working on some large platters in WHITE!! clay. my dad asked if i would like to put some pieces into a photo show he is having at the gage gallery in february…so i said why not? and then i said what am i thinking? my work doesn't really mesh with his… and so after much pondering i thought to try some sgraffito pieces based on his photos. and so that's what i have ben working on and here are some process shots

this one is in process...

this one is finsihed and bone dry, ready for the bisque

this one is my finished test piece. you can see i was testing some colour on the bottom with a wash. still pondering whether to finish with colour on all pieces, or keep black and white, or some of each.....

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